Bad blogger is back

Posted on December 4, 2011. Filed under: culture, Leadership and teams, personal leadership |

Yes I am a bad blogger because it has been some time since my last post.  Blogging is intended to be a regular way to connect with people and on that I have done rather poorly recently.

Because I have been concentrating on connecting with people face to face.  Not leaving time or space for connecting on line.

Connections are critical – yes, we all know that the number of facebook friends you have is important as is the number of LinkedIn connections (I admit to feeling a pang of competitiveness in a meeting last week when a colleague commented on having over 1000 connections because I have around 660)

A tweet today about tibes from @gettribalnow noted that tribes don’t need to do engagement surveys because they connect meaningfully every day.

And it made me wonder – are we over engineering or overcomplicating some things?  Why do we need to survey everything and everyone – what ever happened to just asking people when you see them or speak with them.

What has happened to good old personal contact?

This is something that I have been chatting with people about for some time now- I agree that social media is a great tool and has its place for business people.  It should not be the only avenue by which we build profile and engage people.  People need the human touch.  We need to know that someone is taking an interest.


Think about those phrases we are all familiar with:

– no-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care

– buyers buy from the person not the brand

– charisma and being a people person is a highly sought after skill


My work is focused on helping people work more effectively with each other – and this post gets to the heart of that.  If you are challenged by people, then perhaps you need to ask yourself if you are engaging on their level or yours.

Brad Tonini asks a great question (well he asks more than one actually!) in terms of sles “Are you selling the way your buyers buy?” And I think the principle applies to every human interaction.  Am I dealing with you in the way you interact or the way I prefer to interact?

When we are speaking about friendships and personal relationships sure we need to be comfortable and maybe that inability to connect means that we are not going to make a friendship with this particular person.

In business how does that translate?  Some people seem to be trying to make themselves all things to all people – and that is not a characteristic that many of us want to buy from.  We mistrust the chameleon.

Yet as a manager or leader can you afford to only deal with people that you like and are comfortable with?  Isn’t that the essence of that phenomena called group think?  Where people think and act the same way.  And get the same responses and the same results.  Not so good for innovation.

As leaders and managers of people we need to establish and maintain an environment where there is a range of views – within the scope of the company or business goals and style of course.

My question for today is if you are experiencing challenges in sales or in your team (or with your online following!) you need to ask yourslef: how regularly and how well am I communicating?

Because if I am not clear in my messages to you, how can I expect you to understand what it is that I am trying to say?


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