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I’m like a travel agent……..

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because I provide career guidance and counselling! I spak with many people who know where they want to go in  their career (or think they know) but need help in getting there. Just like a travel agent: people go in saying they want to go to a tropical paradise and the agend can suggest ways to get there.

Last week I heard a caller to Dennis Walters on 3AW say how sad she was that having been out of employment for 25 years meant that (to her) she was unemployable.  I called in, saying that people need to be aware that career counsellors or career advisors can be of great help to people.  It’s about attributes that you bring to an employer as well as skills and in my view everyone has something to offer.  As long as the caller had not been living in a cave for the past 25 years, she is bound to have built and developed some skills that would be desirable in the workforce.

Anyway, that set me to thinking about the work that I do and whether it could be described in a way that people could easily understand. Hence the travel agent analogy.

For example, one client of mine “Matt” wanted to get out of the family business and into customer service.  Together we did some research about customer service roles and the work involved, typical pay rates, and industries.  Matt really refined what he was looking for and discovered that there is lot more to customer service than he first thought.

Another client “Sally” was keen to get into marketing and events/promotions because she’d studied it.  (Like a propsective traveller who wants to go to Rio for Mardi Gras) As we worked through her work preferences, lifestyle and values it quickly became clear that the major events part of marketing and promotions was “not her cup of tea” because she likes to be home of an evening and has lots of weekend family and social commitments.

As a career coach I often take people through four key areas: career choice

– know yourself and your preferences

– clarify what parts of your experience and skill is transferable to another company

– build a plan that has flexibility to be changed as you continue to learn and grow

– understand your own brand and reputation

Unlike a travel agent though, my goal is to help clients to develop their skills and ability to be able to manage their own careers in the future.

It’s also about building awareness in people that career guidance is available and is a worthwhile investment of their time and money.

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