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What is focus and where is yours right now?

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Focus is a funny word with many different meanings.

It can signify a car to some, oit can be about the point at which rays of light converge to create a point, or it can mean clarity of vision to others – like whether words are readable or in focus or not.

The word can be used as an acronym too – Follow One Course Until Successful.  My thanks go to Bill Walsh for that one!

And so my question: where is your focus at this point in time? And what results is it generating for you?  Some folks reading this may want to ask me the same question given that I missed blogging in October. Why? Well, my focus was on other things – establishing a personal fitness routine and serving a large client on a key project.  My blog was not within the scope or field of vision at that time – there’s only so much that you can fit into a day or a week.

And what result did that achieve?  Well I got some good short term results work wise, and I’m feeling better for the health kick – but what else happened?  Did I keep up the routine that builds and maintains my profile and my business (outside that one particular client)?


Am I satisfied with that – clearly not. And I bet that as you read this right now you can think of an example where you have done precisely the same thing.

What things have slipped outside your looking glass?

Have there been times where you reflect back and wonder how you lost traction, or momentum, on something that was really important?

It is said that a marathon is a series of single steps – without each of them then the marathon could not be run. And I see focus in the same way – it needs to be a whole field of ision that covers what it is that we are aiming for, and become our tool or way of keeping “on message” or on track to what is the desired end game.

Is it easy? Not always. Although if your why or your reason is big enough then it will keep drawing you back so that you do stay on target.

In some ways focus is like attention, only it’s more than that for me.


My personal acronym for focus is

Feelings – of mine towards the goal or the target

Outcomes – that might be achieved, or that need to be revised to accommodate the new one

Consequences – of doing or not doing it

Uniqueness – of the situation and the people in it

Sensitivities – what are the issues, actions, emotions and history that need to be taken into account and considered before acting


These are the sort of things that ought to be covered in good coaching and conversations with a mentor.


It is this sort of questioning and thinking that helps you define the direction that you want to follow. It can help you stay on course despite all the other distractions.  It can be the essence of who you are and can make a difference in how you are perceived by others.

When you have flexibility yet staibility to the larger cause, people feel they can rely on you. You are seen as adaptable, yet reliable. These are all important characteristics if you wish to be a successful leader of people.


So I ask, where is your focus right now?


(and yes those who own a Ford Focus car will possibly respond with  “in the driveway/garage” and that’s OK because a sense of humour is one of life’s little essentials in my book.
If you are not getting the results you target, or are getting unexpected results – it may be due to where your focus is, or has been.

Mine is right back on track.

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