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What you see is what you think

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Two images iceWhat do you see in this image?

It may well reflect your thinking. Today while out on a walk, I decided to multi task and take an item for posting with me. It felt a bit weird to be power walking with an A4 envelope in hand I must admit.

Not as odd though as the young man on the other side of the street who called out to say hello and then asked me “do you have letters there?” His tone was as if he was asking if/expecting that I had something for him

Was his thinking causing him to interpret my behaviour (carrying an envelope) as something related to him.

And thus this post – because what we think does shape how we perceive and respond to things and people around us.

Think back to a time when you’ve been upset and someone asked you a question. Did you feel that they were curious and caring or critical and nagging?

Think back to when you were worried about meeting budget and you were asked how much something cost.

Consider a time at work when you are concerned at having made the right choice and a staff member asks you to explain what happened.

I’m hoping this is making sense to you.

Because it is really relevant in the workplace. If you feel a lack of self confidence, then questions may sound like criticisms or challenges rather than curiosity or a request for additional detail.

If you doubt yourself, then your body language and posture will probably reflect that too. That’s where a coach or a mentor can be of help – someone who can observe impartially and help you to see yourself in similar ways to how others see you. Talking situations over with another person can help you to uncover where your own thinking (or bias) may have led to you interpreting (or misinterpreting) what was going on.

Just something to think about as I type on this lovely Friday afternoon.

Oh, and did you see one or two images in the picture above?

There is a regal Indian head with a lovely headdress and earring.

There is also the view of the back of someone in a fur hooded coat about to enter a dark area/doorway.

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